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💩 Notes

Warning: This is an experimental colorscheme that uses a very limited color palette. It's designed to be simple and streamlined. Let me know what you think, suggestions are welcome!

🚀 Setup

24 Bit Color Setup ( Recommended )

Add this to your vimrc:

set termguicolors
colorscheme monrovia

Not sure if your terminal supports 24 bit colorschemes? Check out this list: Truecolor Supported Terminals

📂 Updates from Github

There are a few ways to update monrovia. The first option is by using your favorite vim package manager and the second is by manual download.

Package Manager Option
Manager Location Setup
Vundle add to .vimrc: Plugin 'alessandroyorba/monrovia'
NeoBundle add to .vimrc: NeoBundle 'alessandroyorba/monrovia'
VimPlug add to .vimrc: Plug 'alessandroyorba/monrovia'
Pathogen from terminal: cd ~/.vim/bundle && \ git clone git://
Download Option

Download the .zip and copy monrovia.vim to ~/.vim/colors (on Windows <your-vim-dir>\vimfiles\colors). Or for global accessibility, /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/colors.

🐙 Related

Feedback, issues or suggestions?. Open an Issue Monrovia Issues! Also, if you like Monrovia you might want to check out some of the other Vim themes that I'm working on:

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