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;# if this is false, you need to manually put the group markers like
;# <!-- assets-head --> and <!-- assets-footer --> into your template
auto_include = true
;# be greedy and also fetch all <link>, <script> and <style> tags
greedy = true
;# add some filters to the file type renderer
filter.js = minify,combine
filter.css = minify,combine
;# a writable public path, where filters can put files (relative to webroot)
public_path = compressed/
;# combine filter final public path, overwrites ASSETS.public_path
;combine.public_path = ui-assets/compressed/
;# exclude certain files from being combined, regex i.e. ".*(\/widgets\/).*"
;combine.exclude = ".*(\/plugin\/).*"
;# register custom slot position, unregistered starts at 50++, default are:
;# 10:top 20:external 40:internal 60:excluded 80:inline
;combine.slots.30 = custom
;# merge additional attributes into the bundled tag
;# default: false
;combine.merge_attributes = true
;# minify filter final public path, overwrites ASSETS.public_path
;minify.public_path = ui-assets/compressed/
;# exclude files from minification, default: ".*(.min.).*"
;minify.exclude = ".*(.min.).*"
;# when handle_inline is on, also minify inline elements [ experimental & slow ]
;minify.inline = true
;# overwrite default minify compiler, callable/string
;minify.compiler.js =
;minify.compiler.css =
;# add the mtime to the final resource URI, to aid in asset caching
timestamps = true
;# strategy how to rewrite relative url paths in CSS files,
;# methods: [relative,absolute,FALSE], default: relative
;fixRelativePaths = relative
;# if true, all inline <style> and <script> tags are collected too.
;handle_inline = true
;# if true, all internal asset paths are prepended by the BASE path
;# default: false
;prepend_base = true
;# turn this when your application root path is not your public html / web root path
;# default: false
;trim_public_root = true
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