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Magento module to easy add a RSS feed url to the AdminNotification stream in the magento backend
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As I wrote in my blog, it is important to keep the people who use our extensions up-to-date. Magento implemented a great feature to do this, the Mage_AdminNotification.

As I wrote, there should be an easy way to add RSS feeds to the existing one, here it is.

How to use

Install this module, install your own module and add a few lines to your Package/Extensionname/etc/config.xml. Just add a node to ikonoshirt/custom_rss_feeds/feeds with your RSS feed url.


It is important, that the feed have to be an RSS feed. The following nodes are MUST per item:

  • date_added
  • title
  • description
  • url

The following SHOULD:

  • severity (int between 4 (NOTICE) and 1 (CRITICAL)) as showed in Mage_AdminNotification_Model_Inbox. If no severity is present it is 4.


How to not use

Please don't spam your customers with offers, giftcodes, etc. If they like your software and extensions, they'll come back and check for other interesting stuff. The notifications are NO advertising channel - as I already mentioned in my blog post.

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