What's New in Hackersh 0.2.0

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What's New In Hackersh 0.2?

Release date: 02-May-2013


  • Introduce dnsdict6 - new external component for:
    Information Gathering / Network Analysis / DNS Analysis
    dnsdict6 v1.8 (c) 2011 by van Hauser / THC vh@thc.org www.thc.org
    "hackersh.org" -> domain -> dnsdict6("-4 -s") -> ...
  • amap, nikto, nmap, ping, w3af, xprobe2, and browse: Change DEFAULT_QUERY to evaluate context['IPV4_ADDRESS'] before context['HOSTNAME']

  • Introduce ipv6_address - new root component for processing IPv6 Address. Example:

    "::1" -> ipv6_address -> ...
  • Introduce domain - new root component for processing domain names. Example:
    "hackersh.org" -> domain -> ...
  • Implement HackershError Exception class and add 3 new error messages:

    XXX: not enough data to start (if Component Filter is False)

    XXX: command not found (if Ext. Component filename is missing)

    XXX: unable to parse (if all Output Handlers failed)

  • Split hackersh/network.py and hackersh/misc.py into multiple files and implement a simple plug-in architecture to load them during startup

  • Add support for BackTrack 5R3 and 5R2

See the full change log for further details.

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