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Pythonect is licensed under a three clause BSD License. It basically means: do whatever you want with it as long as the copyright in Pythonect sticks around, the conditions are not modified and the disclaimer is present. Furthermore you must not use the names of the authors to promote derivatives of the software without written consent.

The full license text can be found below (:ref:`pythonect-license`). For the documentation and artwork different licenses apply.


General License Definitions

The following section contains the full license texts for Pythonect and the documentation.

  • "AUTHORS" hereby refers to all the authors listed in the :ref:`authors` section.
  • The ":ref:`pythonect-license`" applies to all the sourcecode shipped as part of Pythonect (Pythonect itself as well as the examples and the unittests) as well as documentation.

Pythonect License