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What's New in Pythonect 0.4

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What's New in Pythonect 0.4

Release date: 09-Aug-2012

Core and builtins

  • Issue #31: Synchronous/Asynchronous is not enforced when execution return value is callable and iterable

  • Issue #32: Script can't accept command line args:

    % /usr/local/bin/pythonect foobar "Hello, world"
    <MainProcess:Thread-1> : Hello, world
  • Issue #34: Script file can't contain Backslash:

    % cat foobar
    "Hello, world" \
        -> print
    % /usr/local/bin/pythonect foobar
    <MainProcess:Thread-1> : Hello, world
  • Feature #34: Interpreter (in Interactive mode) now logs commands for further use:

    >>> 'Hello, world' -> print
    (Press Keyboard Up)
    >>> 'Hello, world' -> print
  • Feature #35: Pythonect module now exports split() function to parse Pythonect code

  • Feature #36: Backticks can be used to evaluate a Pythonect expression:

    >>> sum(`range(1,10) -> _**2`) -> print
    <MainProcess:Thread-1> : 285


  • Removed eXecute bit from pythonect/ and pythonect/internal/
  • Reorganized Pythonect module structure (pythonect.eval.eval is now pythonect.eval)
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