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What's New In Pythonect 0.4.1?

Release date: 03-Sep-2012

Core and builtins

  • PEP8 Fixes
  • PEP 3110 Fixes
  • Added Travis CI Support
  • Issue #38: No docstrings for eval(), parse(), and Pythonect module
  • Issue #39: fails due to incorrect import
  • Issue #41: Pythonect split() renamed to parse() to better fit it's purpose
  • Issue #42: Pythonect fails on Python implementations that do not include the multiprocessing module
  • Issue #44: Warnings during installation due to
  • Enhancement #45: Dict can now be used as a return value, only literal dict will be treated as switch.:


{'foobar': 'foobar'} -> print


def foobar(): return {'foobar': 'foobar'} -> foobar() -> print

Will print:

{'foobar': 'foobar'}


1 -> {1: 'One', 2: 'Two'} -> print

Will print:

  • Issue #47: Pythonect parse() is not included in the testsuite


  • Issue #43: Pythonect unittest runner is not cross-platform
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