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DietPi Odroid-Show2 System Status

This script displays a summary of some system stats on the Odroid-Show2 TFT board. Unlike the dietpi-cloudshell script, this script summarises everything in one place but is less configrable.

Odroid-Show2 can be found here: ODROID-SHOW2

This script uses ANSI commands described here to update the screen. There are more examples available here.

Here's a photo of the script in action

There is also a portrait version of the script ( available that looks like this:

Below is a sample output of the script -


CPU Information
95C 76.9% @ 1400|2000 Mhz

Disk Usage
3%   of 230G  sdc1
86%  of 1.9T  sdb2
35%  of 3.6T  sda1
7%   of 29G   mmcblk0p2
41%  of 71M   mmcblk0p1

09-Sep-2016   01:22
up 3 hours, 56 minutes

Note that this has only been tested with DietPi on Odroid-XU4.

The script writes its data to /tmp/status before it is sent to Odroid-Show2.

This script should be added to your crontab to run every minute. This is not intended for real-time use.

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