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What is this?

This is collection of free books in epub format, which I wanted to have on my reader, but can't find in appropriate format. Most of them converted from GNU texinfo.

How to convert book from texinfo to epub?

There is a good paper on epub and epub creation process [here:] (

In short, to convert texinfo to epub you shold do the following:

  • Convert texi file to docbook format, using makeinfo:

    makeinfo --docbook /path/to/your/file.texi -o file.docbook

  • using any XSLT-processor and docbook.xsl for epub convert docbook to unpacked epub

    xsltproc /path/to/your/docbook-xsl/epub/docbook.xsl file.docbook


    xsltproc file.docbook

  • create mimetype file

    echo "application/epub+zip" > mimetype

  • pack mimefile to epub (mimetype MUST be first file in archive and it MUST NOT be compressed!):

    zip -0Xq my-book.epub mimetype

  • pack the rest of content to the same file:

    zip -Xr9D my-book.epub META-INF OEBPS

If you are lucky my-book.epub will be valid epub file.