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The MOGLi Code Creator

Just another code generator? – NO! – It’s THE Lightweight code generation tool!

It's able to generate all sorts of plain text files.

It's possible to insert into existing files, to make complete new files and to build trees of files within the file system.

It's a small standalone Tool for a quick start into a code generation driven development!

It's easy to learn, to apply and to integrate in your IDE.

It's quick in execution.

It's failsafe: your may re-generate your generation results as often as you wish without any MOGLiCC dependency in your source code.

It's written in Java but made to generate all kinds of text documents (see Console Comic Strips and Suggested MOGLiCC applications).

It's especially useful to generate domain objects for test purpose with data read from Excel files.

Using MOGLiCC feels like using markdown: with little initial knowledge your are able to achieve a nice result. But unlike markdown, you can customize existing behaviour and add new features easily. In the end, you are capable of generating an amount of sophisticated code.

Have a look on an example.

Try it yourself and follow the first steps.

MOGLi stands for the following attributes:

M odel based (Why?)

O pen for extension (Why?)

G enerator based (Why?)

Li ghtweight (Why?)

Current version: 1.6.2

Copyright by IKS GmbH

Licenced under Apache License 2.0

Supported OSs: Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS

Supported JVMs: 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

Further information

User Guide

Your benefits of generating code

Existing Releases

Instructions to setup a development environment

Architectural documentation (arc42)

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