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2013-XX-XX 0.8.2:
2013-03-30 0.8.1:
* fix issue #10, i.e. int(bitarray()) segfault
* added tests for using a bitarray object as an argument to functions
like int, long (on Python 2), float, list, tuple, dict
2012-04-04 0.8.0:
* add Python 2.4 support
* add (module level) function bitdiff for calculating the difference
between two bitarrays
2012-02-15 0.7.0:
* add iterdecode method (C level), which returns an iterator but is
otherwise like the decode method
* improve memory efficiency and speed of pickling large bitarray objects
2012-02-06 0.6.0:
* add buffer protocol to bitarray objects (Python 2.7 only)
* allow slice assignment to 0 or 1, e.g. a[::3] = 0 (in addition to
* moved implementation of itersearch method to C level (Lluis Pamies)
* search, itersearch now only except bitarray objects,
whereas __contains__ excepts either booleans or bitarrays
* use a priority queue for Huffman tree example (thanks to Ushma Bhatt)
* improve documentation
2012-02-02 0.5.2:
* fixed MSVC compile error on Python 3 (thanks to Chris Gohlke)
* add missing start and stop optional parameters to index() method
* add examples/
2012-01-31 0.5.1:
* update documentation to use tobytes and frombytes, rather than tostring
and fromstring (which are now deprecated)
* simplified how tests are run
2012-01-23 0.5.0:
* added itersearch method
* added Bloom filter example
* minor fixes in docstrings, added more tests
2011-12-29 0.4.0:
* porting to Python 3.x (Roland Puntaier)
* introduced tobytes, frombytes (tostring, fromstring are now deprecated)
* updated development status
* added sieve prime number example
* moved project to github:
2009-04-06 0.3.5:
* fixed reference counts bugs
* added possibility to slice assign to True or False, e.g. a[::3] = True
will set every third element to True
2009-01-15 0.3.4:
* Made C code less ambiguous, such that the package compiles on
Visual Studio, will all tests passing.
2008-12-14 0.3.3:
* Made changes to the C code to allow compilation with more compilers.
Compiles on Visual Studio, although there are still a few tests failing.
2008-10-19 0.3.2:
* Added sequential search method.
* The special method __contains__ now also takes advantage of the
sequential search.
2008-10-12 0.3.1:
* Simplified state information for pickling. Argument for count is now
optional, defaults to True. Fixed typos.
2008-09-30 0.3.0:
* Fixed a severe bug for 64bit machines. Implemented all methods in C,
improved tests.
* Removed deprecated methods from01 and fromlist.
2008-09-23 0.2.5:
* Added section in README about prefix codes. Implemented _multiply method
for faster __mul__ and __imul__. Fixed some typos.
2008-09-22 0.2.4:
* Implemented encode and decode method (in C) for variable-length prefix
* Added more examples, wrote README for the examples.
* Added more tests, fixed some typos.
2008-09-16 0.2.3:
* Fixed a memory leak, implemented a number of methods in C.
These include __getitem__, __setitem__, __delitem__, pop, remove,
insert. The methods implemented on the Python level is very limit now.
* Implemented bitwise operations.
2008-09-09 0.2.2:
* Rewrote parts of the README
* Implemented memory efficient algorithm for the reverse method
* Fixed typos, added a few tests, more C refactoring.
2008-09-07 0.2.1:
* Improved tests, in particular added checking for memory leaks.
* Refactored many things on the C level.
* Implemented a few more methods.
2008-09-02 0.2.0:
* Added bit endianness property to the bitarray object
* Added the examples to the release package.
2008-08-17 0.1.0:
* First official release; put project to
May 2008:
Wrote the initial code, and put it on my personal web-site:
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