ilastik-shell, applets, and workflows to string them together.
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benchmarks ObjectExtractionOptimization: Benchmark is not a unit test anymore. Nov 2, 2016
bin ObjectExtraction: Fix distanceTransform() calls. Jul 8, 2016
docs docs: Added Nov 30, 2016
examples Set environment variables for lazyflow thre… Oct 8, 2015
ilastik Tracking: construct graph with proper time range, fixes #1398 Dec 22, 2016
requirements adding faulthandler to requirements Feb 12, 2014
scripts Added scripts/ Nov 24, 2016
submodules changing back to original values Jul 3, 2014
tests tests: Fixed some object classificaton tests Dec 13, 2016
.gitignore update .gitignore to allow structured learning data files Jul 7, 2016
.gitmodules Added submodules dir and added eventcapture repo to it. Jan 16, 2014
LICENSE Add GPL exception to license. Mar 28, 2014
LICENSE.gpl2 add license files Feb 20, 2014
LICENSE.gpl3 add license files Feb 20, 2014 readme: Added circle-ci status badge. May 30, 2015
appIcon.icns Copied icon file from 0.5 repo. May 15, 2013
circle.yml circle.yml: Fixed build (miniconda changed the default install path),… Nov 12, 2015 Modified to work correctly on Mac. Jun 5, 2013
ilastik-icon.png fixed icon Jan 23, 2013 Bump version: 1.2.0rc9 Aug 17, 2016 Compare versions as tuple-of-int, not string. (See ilastik/lazyflow#218) Jul 28, 2016
setup.cfg Added travis.yml and associated files. Aug 19, 2012 Added generic HDF Export Feb 13, 2015 setup_mac: Refactor recipes for non-zipped modules. May 18, 2015

ilastik - interactive learning and segmentation toolkit

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