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PHP7 Client for skroutz API


composer require ilazaridis/skroutz

Usage Examples

Once you have an Identifier and a Secret you are ready to generate an access token:


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
use ilazaridis\skroutz\Client as Client;

$client = new Client('identifier', 'secret');

and consume it:

print_r($client->category('40')->fetch());  // get category with id=40

fetch(bool $decode = true, string $apiVersion = '3.1') will return an associative array using latest version of api by default. You can pass a boolean and a string if you want to change these values.

  • List the children categories of a category
  • Retrieve a single shop location
  • Retrieve manufacturer's categories order by name
$client->category('25')->manufacturers()->params(['order_by' => 'name', 'order_dir' => 'asc'])->fetch()

The query string is passd as associative array using the params() method. In case we have multiple values of the same parameter (i.e. filter_ids[]), we are passing them as comma seperated values:

  • Filter SKUs of specific category using multiple filter ids
$client->category('40')->skus()->params(['filter_ids[]' => '355559,6282'])->fetch()


Some of the API methods have not been implemented due to access restriction. Currently, the acquired permission level is public and everything on that level was implemented.

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