Integration System for Automated Root filesystem generation
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jan-kiszka and myo73 linux-custom: Add support for kernels >= 4.17
Upstream changed deb-pkg, and it no longer spits out a debian.tar.gz
archive. Take the debian folder generated by deb-pkg instead.

A second change is required because upstream now sets the target package
architecture as well, but dpkg-gencontrol will not like this in a cross
environment (host != package arch). Trick it.

Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka <>
Latest commit 6c5db02 Sep 30, 2018

isar - Integration System for Automated Root filesystem generation

Isar is a set of scripts for building software packages and repeatable generation of Debian-based root filesystems with customizations.



Instruction on how to build can be found in the User Manual.


To test the QEMU image, run the following command:

    $ start_vm -a arm -d jessie

The default root password is 'root'.

To test the RPi board, flash the image to an SD card using the instructions from the official site, section "WRITING AN IMAGE TO THE SD CARD":

Supported distributions

List of supported distributions, architectures and features can be found in the Supported_Configurations.


Mailing lists:

Commercial support:


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