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kill -SIGTERM PID #177

zanderisrael opened this Issue Oct 21, 2013 · 3 comments

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From what i understand from this code :
rapns / lib / rapns / daemon.rb

def self.setup_signal_traps
@shutting_down = false

  Signal.trap('SIGHUP') { AppRunner.sync }
  Signal.trap('SIGUSR2') { AppRunner.debug }

  ['SIGINT', 'SIGTERM'].each do |signal|
    Signal.trap(signal) { handle_shutdown_signal }

I can gracefully shutdown the daemon by calling this:

kill -SIGTERM pidof rapns

When i call it from root with ssh , it works , yet no shutdown message is shown.
When i call it from my rails controller:

system("kill -SIGTERM pidof rapns")

It has no effect.

i noticed that if the queue was empty and no sending happend the kill command worked from the rails controller...

Am i doing things wrong?


I believe the system command should be 'kill -TERM '


Still a no go :(, its not killing the daemon.

ileitch commented Nov 11, 2013

Did you manage to figure out what was wrong here?

@ileitch ileitch closed this Nov 20, 2013
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