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rapns fails to start on Heroku with ActiveRecord 3.2.5 #43

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Due to this commit in ActiveRecord rapns fails to start with ActiveRecord 3.2.4/3.2.5 on Heroku.


if ActiveRecord::Base.configurations[Rails.env]['adapter'] == 'postgresql'

It fails as there is no 'configurations' available: lib/rapns/patches.rb:1:in '<top (required)>': undefined method '[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

I don't have a pull request right now, but I think you should also check for the ENV['DATABASE_URL'].


Thanks, i'll get to this soon.

@ileitch ileitch closed this
@haslo haslo pushed a commit that referenced this issue
@taybenlor taybenlor Switch the order of checks for patching to support ActiveRecord 3.2.5…
… ref to [this issue](#43) in rapns.
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