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god configuration #64

dei79 opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Dirk Eisenberg Ian Leitch
Dirk Eisenberg

I played a bit with your sample god configuration. I also read that it's better to let god do the daemonizing. There are anything against the following change of the god configuration do |w| = 'rapns'

w.start = "cd #{rails_root} && bundle exec rapns #{rails_env} -f"

w.uid = 'deploy'
w.gid = 'deploy'


Dirk Eisenberg

At least the following needs to be changed when we want to use the sample god config

w.start = "cd #{rails_root} && bundle exec rapns #{rails_env} -p #{rails_shared}/pids/"

Understood the issue with the -f, not the best idea without changing the daemon.rb implementation

Ian Leitch

Can you please show me where it says not forking is better?

Dirk Eisenberg

Whithout the -p option I got the following log:

I [2012-08-14 09:50:30] INFO: rapns moved 'init' to 'start'
I [2012-08-14 09:50:30] INFO: rapns [ok] process is not running (ProcessRunning)
I [2012-08-14 09:50:35] INFO: rapns [ok] process is not running (ProcessRunning)

And god tries to start a new instance of rapns until the available memory is empty :-(

Dirk Eisenberg

What Rapns 2.x I got my god config running when I'm using the -p parameter. When I start stop via god very fast one process stays in the system. This is not really an issue in production environments I think.

Ian Leitch

I'll look into this soon, thanks.

Dirk Eisenberg

ok I migrated to 3.1 and know everything works fine

Dirk Eisenberg dei79 closed this
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