Replace Hash#to_json and ActiveSupport::JSON to MultiJson #48

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To be able to select more fast and more space-saving JSON engine.

Space-saving is important for non-ascii utf8 string.
See the following examples.

  • ActiveSupport::JSON
    ActiveSupport::JSON.encode( { "aps" => { "alert" => "あいうえお" } } ) #=> {"aps":{"alert":"\u3042\u3044\u3046\u3048\u304a"}} # 50 bytes

  • MultiJSON with oj engine
    MultiJson.dump( { "aps" => { "alert" => "あいうえお" } ) #=> {"aps":{"alert":"あいうえお"}} # 35 bytes

@ileitch ileitch merged commit cc3b460 into ileitch:master Jun 20, 2012

Thank you.


This is failing on REE:!/ileitch/rapns/jobs/1666415

Any idea why?


Because of ok_json, MultiJson's default JSON engine, converting ActiveSupport::OrderedHash into Hash in internal.
To resolve the failure add 'gem "yajl-ruby"' to Gemfile .

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