Prevent failed connection from stopping the daemon - see Issue #62 #70

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Prevent failed connection from stopping the daemon - see Issue #62.

There's a few other small adjustments in this pull request too:

  • Updated deprecated rspec expects
  • Moved database test configuration into a config file instead of hard coded.
  • refactored a variable name to better reflect the content of the variable.
@ileitch ileitch commented on an outdated diff Sep 11, 2012
@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
+# postgresql is the default if no ADAPTER environment variable is set when running specs.
+ adapter: postgresql
+ database: postgres
ileitch Sep 11, 2012

database should be rapns_test for all adapters. Also leave username blank in here as it is set explicitly in the spec_helper. This should fix the CI failure.


I just updated the database name. The postgresql username is still overridden when the TRAVIS environment variable is set in spec_helper.rb as before.


spec_helper only overrides the username in jruby, not in ruby 1.8/1.9.

also, is there a way I can trigger the travis ci build? or is it automagically done by github?

@ileitch ileitch merged commit e676a19 into ileitch:master Sep 12, 2012
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