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Bash scripts to set up/bootstrap low end virtual servers
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Debian 6 VPS Script

Remove excess packages (apache2, sendmail, bind9, samba, nscd, etc) and install the basic components needed for a light-weight HTTP(S) web server:

  • dropbear (SSH)
  • iptables (firewall)
  • dash (replaces bash)
  • syslogd
  • MySQL (v5.1+ W/O Innodb, configured for lowend VPS)
  • PHP-FPM (v5.3+ with APC installed and configured)
  • exim4 (light mail server)
  • nginx (v1.0+ from dotdeb, configured for lowend VPS. Change worker_processes number in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf according to number of your CPUs)
  • vim, nano, mc, htop, iftop & iotop (more to come...)

Includes sample nginx config files for PHP sites. You can create a basic site shell (complete with nginx vhost) like this:

./ site

When running the iptables or dropbear install you must specify a SSH port. Remember, port 22 is the default. It's recomended that you change this from 22 just to save server load from attacks on that port.

Usage (in recomended order):

Warning! This script is self destructive, it'll overwrite previous configs during reinstallation.

wget --no-check-certificate
bash dotdeb
bash system
bash dropbear 22 *(or any other port number)
bash iptables
bash mysql
bash nginx
bash php
bash exim4
bash site

After installation:

MySQL root is given a new password which is located in ~root/.my.cnf.
After installing the full set, ram usage reaches ~40-45Mb.
By default APC configured to use 16Mb for caching.
To reduce ram usage, you may disable APC by moving or deleting the following file - /etc/php5/conf.d/apc.ini
I recommend installing Ajenti and/or Webmin to manage your VPS.
For security reasons delete, move or password protect "new_domain/public/phpinfo.php" file, which installed automatically on each new site installation.


LowEndBox admin (LEA), Xeoncross and many others

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