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Game Jam Entry: "Spaceshooter Thing"

Experimenting with a team-based gameplay in a top-down dual stick space shooter. Your goal is to destroy enemy ships and capture spawnpoints - though the capture logic didn't make it into the game for time reasons. Except for assets, the game was made in 8 hours.


Click for animated version.

Running it

This game requires a gamepad to be played, no other input methods are supported. It will always use your first gamepad, if you have multiple gamepads plugged in. Controls are:

  • Left thumbstick: Move
  • Right thumbstick: Aim
  • Right trigger: Fire
  • Start: Restart map
  • Back: End game

Your viewport will be bigger or smaller depending on your screen resolution - a bigger screen is an advantage, but not a requirement.

The Dev Way

  • Clone or download the repository.
  • Run DualityEditor.exe, let it grab some binaries it needs.
  • Close it and run DualityLauncher.exe

The Shortcut


Graphics assets used are from Kenney, audio is partially recycled from an older project of mine, and partially taken from the old Freespace games.