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Version v8.2.1-1.2 20190119 is a maintenance release of GNU MCU Eclipse ARM Embedded GCC that fixes the 32-bit objcopy bug present in the previous release.

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Known problems


The GDB binary supplied with this release has problems loading the symbols from applications compiled with -flto, it will either crash with segmentation fault or throw an assert.

The bug reports:

The current workaround is to use the GDB binary provided in the previous v7.x release.


The tools from binutils, like the archiver, require a plugin in order to process files compiled with -flto (for example to create a static library). The GNU/Linux and macOS distributions include the file, it just needs to be linked to the lib/bfd-plugins folder. The Windows distribution does not include the liblto_plugin-0.dll file, and it must be copied from the ARM distribution.

Easy install

The toolchain is also available as an xPack and can be conveniently installed with xpm:

$ xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/arm-none-eabi-gcc 

To install exactly this version, use:

$ xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/arm-none-eabi-gcc@8.2.1-1.2.1

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