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Created by Steven Degutis -

How To Use

  1. Add InspectorKit.Framework to your Cocoa project by dragging it into your Frameworks group, adding a Copy Files build phase to your Target, and dragging the Framework from the group to that Copy Files phase.
  2. Double-click the InspectorKitPlugin.ibplugin file
  3. Enjoy!

Giving Credit

If you use this code, I would appreciate it if you added me to the credits, with a link to my website. Preferred format is

InspectorKit created by Steven Degutis -


You can also find my video tutorials and other resources on how to learn programming for the Mac and iPhone, at

I am available for contracting work, check out my site at

Modifications in ilg's fork of InspectorKit

My modifications are relatively minor and I release all claim to them such that they can be integrated into InspectorKit without any change in the existing InspectorKit license and licensing/crediting requirements.


Framework and IB-plugin for creating Inspector panels that match the aesthetics and functionality of those in Mac OS X Leopard




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