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"virtual resource" proof-of-concept in Apache Syncope 1.0.X (configuration only)
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"virtual resource" proof-of-concept in Apache Syncope 1.0.X (configuration only)

How to test

  1. clone
  2. mvn clean package
  3. cd console
  4. mvn -P embedded

You can see now that there is a single resource named Virtual Resource, referring to the sole connector instance available - Virtual Connector. The schema mapping is also the bare minimum required.

Such connector instance has a CSVDir connector bundle with basically no configuration nor capabilities.

Just create users and assign them the only resource available: you will see that everything works even though there is no effective propagation: basically, the concept of a virtual resource.


Since Virtual Connector has no capabilities (and thus no propagation takes place), there is no mean for Apache Syncope to check the user status on such virtual resource: right after creation, then, when checking user status on associated resources, the status icon for Virtual Resource will be 'red' (no link found).

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