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@ilia3101 ilia3101 released this Jul 21, 2017 · 1922 commits to master since this release

New to this release

White level repair if it is too low (below 15000).

NSImageView updating now done on main thread. - Now redraws while dragging slider! (on 10.11) - And GUI now works on versions of macOS where it did not used to!

Worth mentioning

Can export JPEG and PNG.

Possible to integrate with scripts and can be operated by: dragging app, then an MLV file on to the terminal, and pressing enter. Only one file right now.


GUI (NSImageView) is buggy, sometimes app window needs resizing to make it update.

NSImageView seems to be leaking memory like mad, I think due to me updating it not from the main thread(will be fixed) seems to be coming from elsewhere 😕, for now app needs restarting every couple of clips.

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