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[2015-??-??] - Version 1.0.2
* Fixed bug in ExcelSheet::addPictureDim() (see issue #120)
* Fixed bug in ExcelSheet::isLicensed() (see issue #122)
* Added new methods (requires LibXL 3.6.2)
- ExcelBook::setAutoFitArea()
- ExcelBook::printArea()
- ExcelBook::printRepeatCols()
- ExcelBook::printRepeatRows()
* Added support for LibXL 3.6.3
* ExcelSheet::addPictureDim() & ExcelSheet::addPictureScaled() now support position parameters
[2015-02-26] - Version 1.0.1
* Added methods
- ExcelBook::sheetType()
- ExcelSheet::colHidden()
- ExcelSheet::rowHidden()
- ExcelSheet::setColHidden()
- ExcelSheet::setRowHidden()
- ExcelSheet::isLicensed()
* Added new methods (requires LibXL 3.6.0)
- ExcelSheet::hyperlinkSize()
- ExcelSheet::hyperlink()
- ExcelSheet::delHyperlink()
- ExcelSheet::addHyperlink()
- ExcelSheet::mergeSize()
- ExcelSheet::merge()
- ExcelSheet::delMergeByIndex()
- ExcelSheet::splitInfo()
* Added data type argument for ExcelSheet::writeCol() (see issue #29)
* Fixed bug in ExcelSheet::read() (see issue #86)
* Fixed bug in ExcelBook::setDefaultFont() (see issue #66)
* Added autofit support for ExcelBook::setColWidth()
* Added implicit formula recognition on ExcelSheet::write() operations (prefix formula with '=')
* Added multibyte support for license name and license key (see issue #60 and README)
* Added default date format when writing dates
* Added ExcelSheet::__construct(ExcelBook $book, $name) for customized ExcelSheets
* Added warnings on read/write errors
* Removed final keyword for ExcelFormat::__construct(ExcelBook $book)
* Removed invalid PAPER_* constants in ExcelSheet
* Removed invalid COLOR_* constants in ExcelFormat
* Updated documentation and README
* Changed php.ini variable name: excel.ini_skip_empty --> excel.skip_emtpy
[2014-06-03] - Version 1.0
* Fixed issue #63 writing for NULL values using writeRow()
* Added excel.ini_skip_empty INI setting that allows null values to be skipped, if set to 2 the empty strings will be skipped as well
* Added Sheet::setRightToLeft() and Sheet::setRightToLeft() methods that specifies whether the sheet in is "right to left" display mode
* Added Book::isTemplate() and Book::setTemplate() methods for detecting xltx files and converting from xlsx to xltx and vice versa
* Fixed compilation with LibXL 3.5.4
* Added optional scope parameter to setNamedRange()/delNamedRange()/getNamedRange() methods
* Updated getNamedRange()/getIndexRange() methods to retrieve hidden state
* Added parameter to readRow/readCol/read methods that specifiy whether to parse formula or its value.
* Added ExcelBook::packDateValues() method for generating Excel date value
* Added ExcelBook::setPrintArea() method for setting print area
* Fixed parsing of non-numeric formulas inside read() method
* Fixed parameter processing inside ExcelSheet::getVerPageBreak()/getHorPageBreak() methods
* Fixed parameter order inside ExcelSheet::getNamedRange()/getIndexRange() methods
* Fixed return value processing inside ExcelBook::setActiveSheet() method
[2013-11-18] - Version 0.9.9
* Added ExcelBook::isDate1904()/ExcelBook::setDate1904() methods to set/retrieve base date format
* Allow compilation against LibXL 3.5.3
* Fixed bug with parameter order inside setNamedRange method (jacksonja)
[2012-12-31] - Version 0.9.8
* Allow compilation against LibXL 3.4
* Updated ExcelSheet::addPictureScaled() and ExcelSheet::addPictureDim() to support optional x/y offset parameters
[2012-10-16] - Version 0.9.7
* Updated INFO section of the extension to show libXL version
* Added new methods (requires LibXL 3.2.4+):
- added ExcelSheet::getTopLeftView() and ExcelSheet::setTopLeftView() methods for getting/setting a view position in the sheet
- added ExcelSheet::addrToRowCol() and ExcelSheet::rowColToAddr() methods for translating Excel cell position to row/column definitions
[2011-10-12] - Version 0.9.6
* Added new methods (requires LibXL 3.2.3+):
- ExcelSheet::isHidden() that whether sheet is hidden.
- ExcelSheet::setHidden(bool flag) that hides/unhides the sheet.
* Allow compilation against LibXL 3.2.3/3.2.2
* Added a work-around for image index bug inside LibXL 3.2.2
[2011-08-03] - Version 0.9.1
* Added new methods (requires LibXL 3.2.0+):
- ExcelSheet::setPrintFit(int wPages, int hPages) that fits sheet width and sheet height to wPages and hPages respectively
- ExcelSheet::getPrintFit() that returns whether fit to page option is enabled, and if so to what width & height
- ExcelSheet::getNamedRange(string name) that gets the named range coordianates by name, returns false if range is not found
- ExcelSheet::getIndexRange(int index) that gets the named range coordianates by index, returns false if range is not found
- ExcelSheet::namedRangeSize() that returns the number of named ranges in the sheet
- ExcelSheet::getVerPageBreak(int index) that returns column with vertical page break at position index
- ExcelSheet::getVerPageBreakSize() that returns a number of vertical page breaks in the sheet
- ExcelSheet::getHorPageBreak(int index) that eturns column with horizontal page break at position index
- ExcelSheet::getHorPageBreakSize() that returns a number of horizontal page breaks in the sheet
- ExcelSheet::getPictureInfo(int index) that returns a information about a workbook picture at position index in worksheet
- ExcelSheet::getNumPictures() that returns a number of pictures in this worksheet
- ExcelBook::biffVersion() that returns BIFF version of binary file. (Used for xls format only)
- ExcelBook::getRefR1C1() that returns whether the R1C1 reference mode is active
- ExcelBook::setRefR1C1(bool active) that sets the R1C1 reference mode
- ExcelBook::getPicture(int picture_index) that returns a picture at position index
- ExcelBook::getNumPictures() that returns a number of pictures in this workbook
- ExcelSheet ExcelBook::insertSheet(int index, string name [, ExcelSheet sh]) that inserts a new sheet to this book at position index,
returns the sheet handle. If ExcelSheet parameter is missing a new sheet will be created.
[2011-01-14] - Version 0.9.1
* Added support for LibXL 3.1.0+
* Added work-around for a bug inside xlSheetIsDate() that detects treats custom number formats as dates
* Added ExcelBook::getSheetByName() method to retrieve sheet by name (original patch by Rob Gagnon)
* Added basic documentation
* Fixed a bug with ExcelSheet::readRow()/ExcelSheet::readCol() when end parameter is specified
[2010-08-27] - Version 0.9.0
* Added support for LibXL 3.1.0
* Added new methods
- ExcelSheet::setNamedRange(string name, int row, int col, int to_row, int to_col)
- ExcelSheet::delNamedRange(string name)
- ExcelSheet::setPrintRepeatRows(int rowFirst, int rowLast)
- ExcelSheet::setPrintRepeatCols(int colFirst, int colLast)
- ExcelSheet::getGroupSummaryBelow()
- ExcelSheet::setGroupSummaryBelow(bool direction)
- ExcelSheet::getGroupSummaryRight()
- ExcelSheet::setGroupSummaryRight(bool direction)
- ExcelSheet::clearPrintRepeats()
- ExcelSheet::clearPrintArea()
[2010-08-27] - Version 0.8.6
* Added support for LibXL 3.0.0
* Added support for generating Excel 2007/2010 (xlsx files)
- the ExcelBook() method now has a constructor parameter that can be used to toggle xlsx mode
* Added ExcelBook methods for xlsx color
- colorUnpack, colorPack, setRGBMode, rgbMode
* Added missing validation checks and fixed on-error memory leak
[2010-08-11] - Version 0.8.5
* Fixed build on 5.4 (patch from Felipe Pena)
[2010-08-01] - Version 0.8.2
* Fixed shared build
[2010-08-01] - Version 0.8.1
* Fixed build on 5.3 (patch from Felipe Pena)
* Allow compilation against LibXL 2.4.3k
* Added ExcelSheet::setProtect(), ExcelSheet::protect() to set/get sheet protection
* Added ExcelSheet::setPrintHeaders() to set printability of column/row headers
* Added ExcelSheet::setCellFormat() method (LibXL 2.4.3k+) to set a cell format
* Added ExcelBook::getAllFormats() method (LibXL 2.4.3k+) to get a list of all document formats
[2010-08-01] - Version 0.8
* Initial Release
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