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Ilia Kolev: Front-End Developer
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Hi, my name is Ilia and I'm currently a Front-end Developer at College Swimming.


You can find me online at the following locations:


College Swimming (Sept 2015 - Present)

I joined College Swimming as a Front-end Developer and begun building and designing front-end architecture for scalability and maintainability.

Jinx Factory (Mar 2013 - July 2015)

Working as a Front-end Developer. I was responsible for the build of websites as well as taking the company toward a responsive web design, design-in-the-browser and provide in-house tools and frameworks.

Tools, Languages and Tech

I don't profess mastery but I'm adept with most of the below, and I have an aptitude towards learning what I need to:



I ideally want to get across two things about me:

  1. I'm very passionate about the web
  2. I love getting the chance to learn and experience new things
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