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Welcome to the OpenSimpleLIDAR wiki! This is simple enough DIY scanning laser rangefinder.

Article about it (in russian):

Construction of this lidar is similar to Neato lidar or RPlidar.

This lidar is using triangulation method to measure distance to objects. Some more information about this method:

Lidar consist of two main parts: scanning head and base.

Scanning head consists of DIY plastic "disc", electronics, lens, laser module, slip ring module, some miscellaneous parts for fixture.

  1. Electronics consists of STM32F32F303 microcontroller, ELIS-1024 linear image sensor, some miscellaneous parts, 2-layer PCB.

  2. Lens is M12, f'=16mm. It's attached to PCB by special lens holder.

  3. Laser module is cheap 780 nm laser module, placed to small tube (6 mm diameter).

  4. Slip ring module is placed inside a hole in "disc". My module have 6 electric lines.

There is a paper encoder disc with printed marks undersides head's disc.

Base consists of plastic plate, brushed motor, ball bearing, encoder sensor, simple PCB with motor voltage regulator, 4 legs, some miscellaneous parts for fixture.

  1. Ball bearing is used to attach scanning head to plastic plate.

  2. Encoder sensor (reflection type) is used to calculate speed and position of head.

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