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Open Source TOF Lidar
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Open Hardware scanning laser rangefinder based on Time-of-Flight principle. No standalone laser rangefinder modules were used in this LIDAR, so its schematic and firmware are fully open.

Its parameters:

  • Scanning speed: 15 scans/second
  • Resolution: ~ 1% of distance, but not better than ±2 cm
  • Minimal distance: 5 cm
  • Maximal distance: ~25 m (white surface)
  • Angular resolution: 0.5 deg
  • Measurements frequency: ~11 kHz
  • Scanning angular range: ~230 deg, could be increased by changing mechanics
  • Power: 0.1 A at 5V (0.5 W). Start current could be bigger than 0.8 A.
  • Size: 50x50x120 mm

Price of the components of this LIDAR is ~114$ (without delivery).
See BOM with all calculations: "TotalBOM.xlsx".
This LIDAR is using COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) optical components - standard lenses for surveillance cameras.

There is a big article in Russian about this project:
Google translation:

That is how its components are assembled:

Structure schematic of this LIDAR:

This repository is still under development.
See project's Wiki for more information:

Example of Hector SLAM result:

Video about OpenTOFLidar:

Please leave me feedback if you will be able to reproduce this project.

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