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Simple JavaScript INI-files parser
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simple-ini provides easy way to work with INI-files. INI-files format definition has been taken from


var SimpleIni = require('simple-ini');

var data = [
        'name=John Doe',
        'organization=Acme Widgets Inc.',
        'description=This is long long \\',
        '            long long text.'

var simpleIni = new SimpleIni(function() { 
        return data.join('\n');

if (simpleIni.hasSection('owner')) {


Install via npm:

npm install simple-ini

API Documentation

  • SimpleIni(loadFunction, options) - simple-ini constructor. loadFunction returns INI-file content. options are used to configure INI-file parser.

  • save(saveFunction) - persists INI-file changes. saveFunction is a function which stores the file.

  • hasSection(section) - checks if the section exists.

  • hasProperty(property, section) - checks if the property exists in the section. If the section is not specified then it checks if global property exists.

  • get(config) - Gets property's value. config might be '' or just 'property'. If the config is just a 'property' then the library tries to get the global property.


  • caseSensitive - if the parser is case sensitive or not. Default value is false.

  • comments - the list of characters which specify comments. Default value is ';'.

  • throwOnDuplicate - Ignores or throws an exception on duplicated. Bu default the library throws an exception.

  • allowGlobalProperties - Are global properties allowed. By default they are allowed.

  • delimiter - key - value pairs delimiter. By default it is '='.

  • quotedValues - use ''' or '"' for values. By default they are ignored.

  • ignoreWhitespace - Ignored whitespace at the beginning and at the end of a value. Default value is false.

  • lineSeparator - INI-file lines separator. By default it is '\n'.

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