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Cluckles is now going to be moving to be a Node-webkit based app and will be rewritten in ES2015/Ecmascript 6 or whatever they are calling it these days :)

This is in response to Bootstrap now moving to Sass. Cluckles relies on using the Browser component of Less, which when bootstrap moves to Sass will no longer be an option.

So it will be moving to Sass and have the core JS of cluckles rewritten in ES2015. Which should allow the code to be generally better. Eventually I will try to add in support for Cluckles to work in the app and as a standalone JS library. However that will be secondary to moving to Node-webkit.

Eventually the aim will be to make it a desktop app which allows different frontent frameworks to be themed from inside the app, potentially with some kind of module system? To allow support for different frameworks to be added in a modular way.

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[Package] Patched Cluckles to 1.0.3
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