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@jrjohnson jrjohnson released this Jan 11, 2016 · 4853 commits to master since this release

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Closed issues:

  • events should be flagged as TBD if owning session or course is published as TBD #1247
  • filter out offerings in teaching reminders owned by unpublished courses. #1244
  • streamline query for school events #1242
  • filter out user/school events from published session/unpublished course as applicable #1240
  • Limit scheduled user and school event data for students #1237
  • calendar feed is sending unpublished events #1235
  • Convert ILM due dates from dates to date-times #1233
  • deletes not cascading #1231
  • ics generation is borked #1225
  • Change alert date time values are in utc #1223
  • ILM dates are off in ICS feed #1222
  • Teaching Reminder Emails Are Off Because of the UTC Time Zone Issue #1221
  • allow for querying the API for "my courses" #1210
  • Update to Symfony 2.8 #1206
  • Remove sessions and programYears from topics endpoint #1203
  • Learning Material migration needs step to skip already-migrated files to save time #1168
  • refactor publish events #945
  • Remove alerts from the School endpoint #937

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