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<!-- -*- Mode: XML -*- -->
<!DOCTYPE busconfig PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD D-Bus Bus Configuration 1.0//EN"
<!-- This is not an offical bus type... but we use it for development only. -->
<standard_session_servicedirs />
<policy context="default">
<!-- Allow everything to be sent -->
<allow send_destination="*" eavesdrop="true"/>
<!-- Allow everything to be received -->
<allow eavesdrop="true"/>
<!-- Allow anyone to own anything -->
<allow own="*"/>
<!-- the memory limits are 1G instead of say 4G because they can't exceed 32-bit signed int max -->
<limit name="max_incoming_bytes">1000000000</limit>
<limit name="max_outgoing_bytes">1000000000</limit>
<limit name="max_message_size">1000000000</limit>
<limit name="service_start_timeout">120000</limit>
<limit name="auth_timeout">240000</limit>
<limit name="max_completed_connections">100000</limit>
<limit name="max_incomplete_connections">10000</limit>
<limit name="max_connections_per_user">100000</limit>
<limit name="max_pending_service_starts">10000</limit>
<limit name="max_names_per_connection">50000</limit>
<limit name="max_match_rules_per_connection">50000</limit>
<limit name="max_replies_per_connection">50000</limit>
<limit name="reply_timeout">300000</limit>
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