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Changes from StarCalendar 2.4.1

Main Changes:

1- Switch from Gtk 2 (with pygtk) to Gtk 3 (with pygi), so a better GUI
2- Switch from Python 2.7 to Python 3.x
3- Switch to JSON format for all config files and plugins
4- Switch to BSON+JSON files for events, with (git-like) hash-based history tracking object
   (dependency to python3-bson package)

Note: a Config Importer will import "/.starcal2" directory into "/.starcal3" at the first run

Other Changes:

5- Add "Monthly Event"
6- Add option (Preferences -> Appearance -> Status Icon -> Fixed Size), useful in Xubuntu
7- Add Ubuntu-style SVG icons (ambiance and radiance) for AppIndicator, by Danial Behzadi
8- Add event lock file, dependency to python3-psutil package
9- More use of SVG for drawing (Drag & Drop icon, Event Manager group check box, etc)
10- Drop 1.x compatibilty (config importer, customday importer)
11- Fix "play azan" in pray times plugin (was not working if main window was not open)
12- Some minor changes, bug fixes, optimizations, and cleaning
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