@ilius ilius released this Mar 18, 2018 · 34 commits to master since this release

Changes since StarCalendar 3.0.6

  • Fix a bug in all install scripts: did not work if source directory path contained space

  • Fix a security bug in install-archlinux: change temp directory from "/tmp/..." to "~/.starcal3/tmp/..."

  • Fix Pythonic bug in scal3/cal_types/hijri.py, effective on Tune Hijri Months dialog, issue #38

  • Fix a bug in Yearly Event GUI
    Add/update Yearly Event dialog was not working when [x] Start Year is checked

  • Fix a bug in toolbars, issue #44
    It was being stuck after double click on Next/Previous buttons

  • Fix the bug of showing 2 or 3 menus on right click of event description text in main window

  • Use a more accurate version string in install scripts if .git directory is present
    If the last commit is tagged, use the same tag
    Otherwise use "3.0.5-23-ge2e88f1" format, except for ArachLinux where we use "_" instead of "-"

  • Disable support for using desktop background in Month Cal, as it breaks Month Cal, issue #36

  • Fix an incompatibility with next branch (future version 3.1.0)

  • Update copyright year

  • install-archlinux: add libappindicator-gtk3 to optional dependencies, issue #37

  • Fix version string containing "-" in install-archlinux and install-suse

  • Update Hijri/Islamic calendar data and Iran's plugins based on Iranian official calendar for 1397

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