Backbone plugin for structured models.
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A Backbone.js plugin for creating structured models.


Suppose you have complex nested model.

  var json = {
    id: 1,
    name: '...',
    address: {
    items: [ { name: '...'}, { name: '...'}, ...]

With Backbone.Model

  var model = new Backbone.Model(json);

Changing nested model attribute won't cause model change event to fire.

  model.on('change', function(){/* never reached */});
  model.get('address').something = '...';

Getting model attribute will return plain js object.

  model.get('address'); // { ... }

With Backbone.Struct

The struct of model can be defined.

  var Item            = Backbone.Model.extend({/*...*/});
  var ItemsCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({ model: Item });
  var Address         = Backbone.Struct.extend({/*...*/});
  var User = Backbone.Struct.extend({
    struct: {
      address: Address,
      items:   ItemsCollection
  var user = new User(json);

Getting structured attribute will return model instance.

  var address = user.get('address');       // return Address instance
  var items   = user.get('items');         // return ItemsCollection instance
  var item    = user.get('items[0]');      // return first Item instnace
  var name    = user.get('items[0].name'); // return first item name attribute

Child model update will cause base model change event to fire.

  user.on('change',                function(user){/*...*/});
  user.on('change:address',        function(user){/*...*/});
  user.on('change:address.street', function(user){/*...*/});
  address.set('street', '...');


Download latest version. Add reference after backbone.js.

  <script type="text/javascript" src="backbone.js"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="backbone.struct.js"></script>

Extend your model from Backbone.Struct and define structure.

  var Model = Backbone.Struct.extend({
    struct: {
      model:      Backbone.Model,
      collection: Backbone.Collection