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#! /bin/bash
#the current user is `node` set by the Dockerfile on build
#check and set the default app start file
if [ -z "$APP_MAIN" ]; then APP_MAIN="/myapp/src/app.js"; fi;
#check the file to be started in the container's logs
echo The NodeJS app\'s start file is: $APP_MAIN
#check if a different time zone is given and set it
if [ -n "$TIME_ZONE" ]
echo $TIME_ZONE | sudo tee /etc/timezone;
sudo dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive tzdata;
#set the node version, update the global npm packages, install/update the app's npm and bower packages, run the app in production mode
. ~/.nvm/ && nvm use default; \
#npm update -g bower pm2 --user "node"; \
sudo chown -R node:node /myapp; \
cd /myapp && npm update && bower install; \
NODE_ENV=production pm2 start $APP_MAIN -i 0
tail -f $HOME/.pm2/logs/*