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Kata100Doors.NUnit touchdown. was in a hurry and had to complete bare minimum. nonethele… Jun 24, 2011
KataBoredomBuster.NUnit touchdown. wow. gillian's boredom buster is really worth a spin if yo… Jul 19, 2013
KataFindTheCookie.NUnit touchdown: added system test cases from specs. the kata itself is qui… Jul 16, 2013
KataFizzBuzz.CFSharp touchdown. what an incredible ride. maybe this fizzbuzz was the longe… Jan 20, 2012
KataFizzBuzz.HSpec touchdown. this was a real nice one. Oct 23, 2013
KataFizzBuzz.Jasmine touchdown. was quite refreshing, i think i did follow 'jasmines way' … Apr 8, 2011
KataFizzBuzz.Java touchdown. fizzbuzz in java with eclipse. mockito actually has a nice… Apr 11, 2011
KataFizzBuzz.RSpec now using stub! instead of should (minor mocking/stubbing improvement) May 6, 2011
KataFizzBuzz.SideBySide Ooops. Just found the infamous side-by-side variation of fizzbuzz on … Nov 25, 2010
KataFizzBuzz.Vala touchdown. range from 1 to 100 -> return translate : green. i'm happy… Jun 2, 2011
KataFizzBuzz blue: touchdown. tidied up code. tooling was ok. usage of git commit … Nov 25, 2010
KataGameOfLife.Mono touchdown. completed spec tests. did not implement multiple iteration… Nov 23, 2011
KataGameOfLife.Nose touchdown. quite tough for me to get game of life in oo-style through… Dec 23, 2011
KataGameOfLife.RSpec touchdown. tidied up code and extracted rule logic in separate method… Dec 19, 2011
KataLocCounter.Coffee touchdown. minor simplifications and beautification. i really like th… May 3, 2012
KataLocCounter.Mono/KataLocCounter.Mono touchdown: rephrased the return expression to be more readable and ea… Jul 15, 2013
KataPickAkin Merge branch 'master' of May 6, 2011
KataProbability.MSpec touchdown. eliminated redundancy in either calc with combinewith usag… Jan 19, 2012
KataRange.FSharp touchdown. range kata in f# is great. it shows once more how concise … Feb 16, 2014
KataRomanNumerals.Part1 -> cutoff. need to abort since nunit framework hangs in monodevelop f… Feb 23, 2011
KataRomanNumerals.PowerSpec 900 -> CM : green Aug 24, 2011
KataRomanNumerals.RSpec touchdown. tidy up hash map. ruby class extension is easy. i'm not su… Jun 3, 2011
KataStringCalculator.MSpec touchdown. minor refactoring with extract method on separator quire. … Jan 18, 2012
KataStringCalculator.Python touchdown. i'm getting slightly better on python basics. the kata was… Jan 16, 2012
KataStringCalculator.RSpec touchdown. a nice little refreshment on ruby and rspec. I still kind … Jun 15, 2012
KataStringCalculator.XS touchdown. a short and nice string calculator with usage of linq. XS … Jul 18, 2013
KataStringCalculator -> touchdown. felt a little odd because i did other stuff besides. gu… Feb 22, 2011
KataStringReplacer.FSharp touchdown. i'm starting to really like fsharp, although i don't know … Jan 31, 2012
KataStringReplacer.Jasmine touchdown. extracted token parsing. tidied up code : blue May 13, 2011
KataStringReplacer.Java/src touchdown. polished up replacer static class. wow, this kata in java … May 31, 2011
KataStringReplacer.NUnit touchdown. extracted removal of unkown placeholders. finished kata af… May 2, 2011
KataStringReplacer.PowerSpec touchdown. nice little templating with posh and powerspec. should ass… Aug 25, 2011
KataStringReplacer.RSpec touchdown. removed unneccessary variable assignment in replacer. this… May 31, 2011
KataStringReplacer.XUnit touchdown - tidy up some code. Apr 26, 2011
KataStringReplacer renamed sources directory src for the sake of good code organization … Apr 4, 2011
KataTennis.Boo touchdown. now this was a nice game (coding) experience with boo. i f… Nov 10, 2013
KataTennis.Coffee touchdown. cleaned up implementation and got a little more expressive… Mar 2, 2012
KataTennis.FSharp touchdown. what a nice kata this is in fsharp. just used du's the fir… Feb 3, 2012
KataTennis.Js Introduce player two scoring and fix global mutable state Apr 29, 2015
KataTennis.Mono touchdown: this one was really nice. both from design and tooling exp… Oct 16, 2013
KataTennis.Nose touchdown. python gets more and more interesing. like tuple construct… Jan 6, 2012
KataTennis blue: touchdown. tidied up logic and cleaned smelly variable naming. … Nov 19, 2010
KataWordWrap.Jasmine 3 words, marker @ 2nd -> wrap @ space twice : green Aug 9, 2011
KataWordWrap.MSTest touchdown. the last test of this kata is always a refreshing thing. m… Aug 6, 2011
KataWordWrap.Mono three neighbors bring back life - green Nov 23, 2011
KataWordWrap.NUnit touchdown. refactored naming, reduced arrow. just bare minimum wrappi… Jun 27, 2011
KataWordWrap.PyTest touchdown. this was a nice exploration exercise. pytest is pretty str… Aug 10, 2011
KataWordWrap.RSpec touchdown. great refactoring experience with the builtin string funct… Jun 29, 2011
.gitignore ignoring testresults from vse12 for git. Jul 18, 2013
README let's do some codekata's here Nov 18, 2010


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