Unofficial Linode API v4 client library.
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This is just a little wrapper I'm working on to ease the use of the Linode API v4. If you think something is done incorrectly or dumb please feel free to open an issue or contribute. I am in no way an expert and have never written one of these before.

I'm also cleaning this up as I can so some first passes will be 'messy', but they should work fine :)

You can find the developer docs HERE.


  • I can't promise I'll finish this without contributions.
  • I'm hacking this in the minimal spare time I have at the moment.
  • I don't care if you don't like PHP. Use something else.

Hacking on this

Set up composer

To mess with this in the project root:

cp config.ini.example config.ini
vi config.ini
php composer.phar install
php -S