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Welcome to the freespectro wiki!

:waning_crescent_moon: The source code of this project is deprecated in favor of freespectrogdx project.


  • Game AI is not very constant, play bad most times, but sometimes can do a good rush. It uses a sort of Monte Carlo Tree Search with a random default policy(some consolidating is done but this is worse). The AI is quite stupid, rarely play mana generators, and is horrible on the long run (against master healer, dragon or W11/W12).
  • Ban rules are implemented with the help of the OscaR library.
  • Scalaz is used for lens/statemonad to update nested states and for treeloc, for easy tree manipulation. Performance are not great there. The classic approachs, do/undo state update for example, should be faster.
  • Slick is used for font rendering


Here are some examples of features not supported:

  • ai doesn't manage well random effects
  • run twice a card(priestess)


  • copy images folder from the jar downloaded from dropbox(not officially distributed)
  • download then copy slick, oscar jars in lib folder (oscar with algo & cp)
  • sbt run

Available classes

If you want to add a class, some code explanations can be found here


Rewrite everything !!! (

  • finding best values for the constant used by the AI
  • reduce callback hell
  • unify bot and game code(too much duplicate code)
  • unify behavior of basic&special house(currently 1 event broadcaster for special house)
  • stop using opengl direct mode
  • Improve Bot
  • Spell anims
  • Ability anim
  • improve effect system, damage anim...)
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