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Here are some thoughts and funny tricks I like to play, with the different classes.

Dark priest

  • defend with occultist against f2 spam


  • synergy wisp/spider
  • take board control with swords then spam wisp


  • f1+archphoenix
  • e5+avalanche

Junk mage

  • very situational use of j3 to save a creature
  • placement+duplicate an orc with factory

Lost church

  • opening with generator then preacher spam, fallback on basic creature play when preachers dead.
  • use dark monks against phoenix


  • tangling+predator plant against a creature with 9 attack full hp -> 9 + 9 + 6 = 24 damage.
  • fiery flower(pollinating master healer!)+predator plant
  • one of the strongest combo I've seen: pollinate w10 when he's about to die, get a cheap drake, and then duplicate fiery flower.


  • once opponent has low life, combo blood ties/flock. (in the same way as goblin 7+goblin 0)

matchups: against Lost church: spam ghoul
play a5 and use acolyte to kill e1 and w6 against a class with big creatures


  • against Moutain king, place a Stranger in front of Berserker, and you can spectate some funny auto plays.
  • cloak before mass damage, or replacing f2 if board is full

matchups: scale water to kill w6 with warp 2


  • opening with e1, let slots unopposed to damage creatures with guard, and sweep them after.
  • use z7(or e11) to protect z1 or z2


  • cheap creature+tracker+kojiro or tracker+F2+kojiro