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Welcome to the systems programming coursebook! This repository houses a high-quality, open-source introductory systems programming textbook used by the CS 341: System Programming course at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The book assumes that you have taken a programming language course and are familiar with assembly instructions. All of the code and instruction will be in C, as it is the de-facto language of the Linux Kernel.

The Coursebook is an aim to standardize and build upon Angrave's original wikibook experiment.

The most recent version of the coursebook as a single pdf is here: main.pdf.



  • Improve the quality and rigour of the original wikibook while maintaining openness.
  • Improve the factualness by including citations, footnotes, extended reading, and a glossary.
  • Have exports in the form of pdf, markdown, and html.
  • Automagically build so writers can focus on writing.

Contributing, Building, and Structure


Credit Where Credit is Due