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Details of the course requirements of all undergraduate programs @illinois in JSON format
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University of Illinois' Major Curriculums

Data containing details of all of the curriculums detailed in the undergraduate catalog. The requirements of each major have been pre-sorted, based on prerequisites-dataset, such that in each major any course with prerequisites also listed in the major occurs in the list after those prerequisites.

You can download the dataset as a JSON file.

⚠️ Due to huge irregularities in curriculum formatting, most majors likely have small errors. If you are a student at the University of Illinois, please also consult other sources for what courses you need to take.

Data Format

The JSON file contains an object for each major, that contains the major's full title, the catalog site's shortcode for that major's college, and a list of all the courses required to complete that major.

When a certain number of courses must be chosen from a large list, those courses have been packaged into their own object, that lists the 'category' title, the number of hours it requires, and the courses that may be chosen from. These category objects are contained in the courses list (in order of appearance in the curriculum).

  "title": "Computer Science, BS",
  "college": "engineering",
  "courses": [
    "CS 100",
    "ENG 100",
    "MATH 221",
    "MATH 231",
    "MATH 241",
    "MATH 415",
    "PHYS 211",
    "PHYS 212",
      "title": "Science elective, from departmentally approved list below:",
      "hours": 3.0,
      "courses": [
        "AE 202",
        "SHS 280"
    "CS 125",
    "CS 126",
    "CS 173",
    "CS 225",
    "CS 210",
    "CS 233",
    "CS 241",
    "CS 361",
    "CS 357",
    "CS 374",
    "CS 421",
      "title": "Technical electives to be chosen from departmentally approved list below. One of the six CS courses must satisfy the team project requirement using any of the following courses below, taken at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (study abroad or transfer equivalents of these courses may not satisfy the Team Project requirement):",
      "hours": 24.0,
      "courses": [
        "CS 427",
        "CS 598"
      "title": "Free electives. Additional unrestricted course work, subject to certain exceptions as noted by the College, so that there are at least 128 credit hours earned toward the degree.",
      "hours": 18.0,
      "courses": []

Data Source

Data was parsed from the University of Illinois catalog site:

The script used for parsing can be found in script/.

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