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AWS VPC flow logs visualization with Illumio ASP and AWS Lambda
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Visualizing AWS EC2 Traffic flows with Illumio ASP using AWS Lambda Function

Slack License

Project Description

This repository contains a Lambda function that will

  1. Ingest VPC traffic flows and
  2. Exports traffic flows to Illumio ASP. Illumio ASP builds the Application Dependency Map that helps visualize the traffic between EC2 instances and in understanding the application dependencies.

Project Technology stack

This project uses the AWS Lambda Ruby2.5 runtime

Project workflow


Detailed instructions on how to install, configure, and get the project running are mentioned in INSTALL document.


The AWS Lambda Function is released and distributed as open source software subject to the LICENSE. Illumio has no obligation or responsibility related to the AWS Lambda Function with respect to support, maintenance, availability, security or otherwise. Please read the entire LICENSE for additional information regarding the permissions and limitations. You can engage with the author & contributors team and community on SLACK.

Help or Docs

If you have questions, please use slack for asking them. If you have issues, bug reports, etc, please file an issue in this repository's Issue Tracker.


Instructions on how to contribute: CONTRIBUTING.


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