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* flymake-perlcritic.el 1.0.3 (2012-03-28-09:13)
* Define init and cleanup functions as flymake-perlcritic-*.
* Override Flymake Perl functions less evilly.
* Merge in arnested's contributions from flymake-phpcs:
* Append flymake-mode to perl-hook rather than prepend.
* Attempt to autolocate flymake_perlcritic wrapper for default value.
* flymake-perlcritic.el 1.0.2 (2012-01-01-09:46)
* Add support for flymake-find-perl-lib-dir by modifying PERL5LIB
so that both perl -c and perlcritic find the project lib dir.
* Add help-text to flymake_perlcritic.
* Use flymake-create-temp-with-folder-structure to prevent Perl::Critic
complaining that package declarations don't match filename.
* Bequeath copyright to FSF and add GPL license.
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