Working offline

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With Release 12 and newer, you can use the calculator offline on most major desktop browsers.

Desktop browser Supported versions
Chrome 45+
Firefox 44+
Safari 11.1+
Microsoft Edge 17+

You can also install the calculator as an app on most recent mobile browsers.

Mobile browser Supported versions
Safari iOS 11.3+
Chrome for Android 31+
Opera for Android 32+
Firefox for Android 58+
Samsung Internet 4+

Please keep in mind that this functionality is not yet stable and may break in the future!

It may even be broken now (but my limited testing seems to say that it works).

Desktop browsers

Making the calculator work offline on desktop browsers can be done in two easy steps.

  1. Navigate to the calculator.
  2. Once it has finished loading, add the calculator to your bookmarks by pressing CtrlD (or ⌘ CommandD on Macs).

You can see if the calculator successfully loads offline by temporarily disconnecting your computer from the Internet and clicking the bookmark.

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