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This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Gitalist.
- BIG BREAKING CHANGE - Gitalist::Model::GitRepos has been renamed
Gitalist::Model::CollectionOfRepos. You need to fix your config and
if you have actually installed Gitalist - remove the old model file.
- Bump required version of Git::PurePerl for Encoding fixes.
- Fix Makefile.PL to not need release deps when checking out of Git.
0.000005 2010-01-09
- Switch to IPC::Run::start for streamed mode, fixing RT#52658
and the tests with FreeBSD.
- Require new FCGI release in the FCGI script for upstream bug fixes.
- Fix tests with older versions of git.
- Allow the model to be configured with a list of repositories rather
then a directory containing repositories.
- Fix syntax highlighting CSS link
- Add per line link for previous version of a line in blame.
0.000004 2009-12-19
- Support being able to pass a list of repositories to view via
configuration, rather than having a static directory.
- Installation and configuration documentation has been enhanced.
- Project has been renamed Repository to correspond with normal git
- Repos has been refactored into a CollectionOfRepositories role
and two differnet concrete implementations (the Catalyst model
chooses which type to build based on the config).
- Remove all tabs and fix no tabs test (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker)
- Decode getpwuid values correctly (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker)
- Generate correct provides information in META.yml so that search.cpan
indexes the classes contained in Gitalist correctly.
0.000003 2009-12-09
- Officially switch repository to Shadowcat
- Officially switch bug tracker to
- Start streamlining and generally rejiging the layout.
- Hacked in syntax highlighting to the blame view.
- Further tweaks to the blame view, making it more informative.
- Dropped the dependency on File::Stat::ModeString
- Move all POD below the code, for ::Repo and ::Project.
0.000002 2009-12-06
- Add documentation about how to configure a Gitalist instance.
- Fix so that invalid repository directory will be detected at application
startup and a helpful error message will be displayed.
- Add --repos_dir command line parameter to all of the scripts which can
be used to force the repository directory, overriding config and
- Add GITALIST_REPOS_DIR environment variable which will determine the
repository path (overriding normal config) if set.
- Change so that no default repos path is in the config when installed from
CPAN (when checked out of git, behavior of browsing AppDir/../ is
- Do not allow directory traversal via the p param.
- No changes since last dev release.
0.000000_02 UNRELEASED
- Fixed history action, other minor cleanups.
0.000000_01 UNRELEASED
- Initial release to CPAN