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We strongly recommend using metacpan-developer, this will give you a virtal machine already configured and ready to start developing on.

Installing manually

Install the project dependencies:

$ cpanm --installdeps .

Run test suite:

$ prove -lr t/

Start server on port 5001 (which you want to make authentication work)

$ plackup -p 5001 -r

Installing manually via carton

If you prefer to use carton to manage your dependencies, then the above commands can be converted to:

$ carton install
$ carton exec prove -lr t/
$ carton exec plackup -p 5001 -r

Local configuration changes

The backend defaults to C. Running a local API server is optional and not required to hack on the front-end. The address to the API user can be changed in the metacpan_web.conf file. Ideally you would create a new file called C that contains


which will be loaded on top of the existing config file.


On Win32 (and possibly also on other platforms) when using Perl < 5.12, the server started with plackup will generate warnings relating to date parsing. These are caused by Plack due to a bug in the gmtime implementation and can be removed by upgrading to Perl 5.12.

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