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<?php if (!defined('CLYDEPHP')) die('Direct access not allowed') ;?>
abstract class BaseClass {
protected $_params = array();
public function __construct($params = array()) {
if (!is_array($params)) {
throw new ClydePhpException('Passing non array params to '.get_class($this).' constructor is not allowed');
$this->_params = $params;
public function getProperty($name) {
if (!isset($this->_params[$name])) {
return null;
return $this->_params[$name];
public function setProperty($name,$value) {
$this->_params[$name] = $value;
abstract class UniqueIdObject extends DynaBean {
public $id;
public function __construct($id=null) {
$this->id = $id;
class ClydePhpException extends Exception {
function clydePhpExceptionHandler($exception){
echo '<div style=\'font-family:courier;\'>';
echo '<u>'.get_class($exception).': '.$exception->getMessage().'</u>';
echo '<ul style=\'list-style-type:none\'>';
echo '<li> at ('.$exception->getFile().':'.$exception->getLine().')';
foreach ($exception->getTrace() as $trace) {
echo '<li> at ';
if (isset($trace['class'])){
echo $trace['class'].$trace['type'];
echo $trace['function'];
if (isset($trace['file'])) {
echo '('.$trace['file'].':'.$trace['line'].')';
echo '</li>';
echo '</ul>';
echo '</div>';
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