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Grails Ducksboard API

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This plugin allows to use the push/pull API easily in your grails application.

Ducksboard is an online dashboard to display all your metrics in real time. It supports a lot of services like Twitter, Google Analitycs, Feedburner, MailChimp, Zendesk,...

After installing the plugin you only have to inject the ducksboardService into your controllers, taglib, services,... to use it.

For the moment, the methods implemented are only for the custom widgets. You can get a list of them at

There is a sample project with examples of all the widgets at This sample project includes a public dashboard and an online grails project to interact with the dashboard.


In version 0.4 most of the public methods have changed its signature to support all different options for custom widgets, so checkout before update to this version.


You have to include the following properties in your Config.groovy file:

ducksboard {
    user = "YOUR-USER-API-KEY"
    password = "NOT-USED"

The password is not currently used so you can skip this property but we keep it for future use.

Ducksboard pull api methods

Currently only one pull method is implemented to get the last value of the following widgets: counters, bars, boxes and pins.

ducksboardService.pullLongValue(String widgetId)

For example, to get the current value of a bar widget:

def value = ducksboardService.pullLongValue("938372")

Ducksboard push api methods

Counters, bars, boxes and pins

Counter Bars Boxes Pin

To push a new value of the previous widgets you have to use the following method:

ducksboardService.pushLongValue(String widgetId, Long value)

For example, with the following call the widget will be updated to 1423

ducksboardService.pushLongValue("87463", 1423)

Update values in counters, bars, boxes and pins

To update the value of a counter, bar, box and pin you can use the following method

ducksboardService.pushLongDelta(String widgetId, Long delta = 1)

For example:

// Update the value of the widget 16548

// Decrement in 10 units the value of the widget "98798"
ducksboardService.pushLongDelta("98798", -10)



To push a new value of a gauge you have to use the following method:

ducksboardService.pushDoubleValue(String widgetId, Double value)

For example, you can update the value to 75% with the call

ducksboardService.pushDoubleValue("56987", 0.75)

Graphs (intervals of time)

Absolute Absolute area Stacked Relative Relative area

To push values to this widgets you have to use the following method:

ducksboardService.pushTimestampValues(String widgetId, List<Long> timestamps, List<Long> values)

For example:

def timestamps = [1337724000, 1337810400]
def values = [10, 25]

ducksboardService.pushTimestampValues("69871", timestamps, values)



To push values to a timeline widget you can use this method:

ducksboardService.pushTimelineValues(String widgetId, String title, String content, String imageUrl, Long timestamp = new Date().time/1000)

For example:

ducksboardServoce.pushTimelineValues("46587", "error message", "Some details about my error message", "")

As you can see, the timestamp params is optional and if you don't send it it will use the actual time.

Leaderboards and Trend-Leaderboards

Leaderboards TrendLeaderboards

To push values you can use the method:

ducksboardService.pushLeaderboardValues(String widgetId, List<String> names, List values)

For example:

def names = ["Abdul-Jabbar", "Karl Malone", "Michael Jordan", "W. Chamberlain", "Kobe Bryant"]
def values = [[38387, 1560, 24.6], [36928, 1476, 25], [32292, 1072, 30.1], [31419, 1045, 30.1], [29484, 1161, 25.4]]

ducksboardService.pushLeaderboardValues("48978", names, values)

Status Leaderboards

Status Leaderboards

To push values you can use the method:

ducksboardService.pushStatusLeaderboardValues(String widgetId, List<String> names, List values, List<LeaderboardStatusValues> status)

For example:

def names = ["Cleveland", "New York", "Boulder", "Newport"]
def values = [[1928, "96%"], [1232, "84%"], ["--", "--"], [2740, "60%"]]
def status = [LeaderboardStatusValues.GREEN, LeaderboardStatusValues.YELLOW, LeaderboardStatusValues.GRAY, LeaderboardStatusValues.RED]

ducksboardService.pushStatusLeaderboardValues("229812", names, values, status)



To push a new image to a dashboard you have to use this method:

ducksboardService.pushImage(String widgetId, File file, String caption = "", Long timestamp = new Date().time/1000)

For example:

ducksboardService.pushImage("458798", theFile, "The caption")



To push a new status you can use:

ducksboardService.pushStatus(String widgetId, StatusValues status, Long timestamp = new Date().time/1000)

For example:

ducksboardService.pushStatus("12323", StatusValues.WARNING)



To push text to a widget text you have to use this method:

ducksboardService.pushText(String widgetId, String text, Long timestamp = new Date().time/1000)

For example:

ducksboardService.pushText("56987", "Text!\nLorem ipsum dolor sit amet...")



To push values to a funnel widget:

ducksboardService.pushFunnel(String widgetId, List<String> names, List<Long> values)

For example:

def names = ['STEP 1', 'STEP 2', 'STEP 3', 'STEP 4', 'STEP 5', 'STEP 6']
def values = [1600, 1400, 1200, 900, 600, 330]

ducksboardService.pushFunnel("76336", names, values)



To push new values to a completion widget you can use this method:

ducksboardService.pushCompletion(String widgetId, Long minimum, Long maximum, Long value)

For example:

ducksboardService.pushCompletion("293842", 0, 25000, 19790)


You can send any question to Iván López: lopez (dot) ivan (at) gmail (dot) com

Collaborations are appreciated :-)

Change Log

  • v0.4 - 06/Jul/2013 - Change the signature of the methods to support all custom widgets params and add spock tests.
  • v0.3 - 06/Jul/2013 - Add new widgets: status, text, funnel and completion.
  • v0.2.2 - 15/Aug/2012 - Add new method to support delta updates and deprecated the old method.
  • v0.2.1 - 12/Jul/2012 - Minor changes.
  • v0.2 - 12/Jul/2012 - Change Integer values to Long. Add methods to push values to a Leaderboard and a Timeline widget and to push Images.
  • v0.1 - 16/Jun/2012 - First version.